Service Contracts for Gas Boilers

Service Contracts for Gas Boilers

These extended warranty plans are managed by CornerStone United, the country`s oldest and largest independent service contract administrator. Your heating system is an important and essential asset in your home. An extended warranty plan offers “peace of mind” and is the best offer available in domestic hydraulic heating. An annual security check and service can be included: otherwise, you can add it at an additional cost. You can compare boiler covers from a number of suppliers online with Uswitch. Long Island Customers – Download our Natural Gas Service Plan Brochure Pennsylvania Customers – Download our Natural Gas Service Plan Brochure A Boro Energy Service Contract offers excellent value for money and true safety. For a low annual price, give your system the preventive maintenance it needs with a thorough and expert tuning. But that`s not all! You also get coverage for most major system components – if a covered component needs to be repaired or replaced due to normal wear and tear, we get the job done quickly and at no extra cost. Given the current costs of parts and labor, your service contract could save you thousands of dollars. A 10-year extended warranty plan is also available for condensing gas boilers. For the first 5 years, the U.S. Boiler Company`s standard manufacturer`s warranty covers spare parts and the extended warranty plan covers standard labor costs.

After the first 5 years, the extended warranty plan offers another option to extend condensing boiler parts and standard labor costs by an additional 6 to 10 years. Access to service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – good weather, snow or sun, our experienced natural gas technicians are ready to meet all your service needs. Between 8:00 a.m. .m. and 5:00 p.m. .m. no fees will be charged for the services covered by this Agreement. Energy-Star Services offers affordable service agreements (service contracts) that include regular maintenance inspections to ensure your equipment is operating optimally.

All condensing gas boilers for private households are eligible for the extension of the guarantee plans, provided that they are installed in a single-family or two-family home. Although the standard warranty of the manufacturer of the U.S. Boiler Company covers condensing boiler elements for 5 years, additional extended warranty plans are available. Add-on plans, available for 3- or 5-year protection, cover the standard labor costs associated with replacing defective parts. The Premium Comfort Plan includes everything in the basic plan as well as the significant addition of the following important parts and services: Blue Diamond offers three natural gas service contracts for residential and commercial parts and occupational health and safety: A service contract (service contract) is the most effective way to keep your equipment healthy and efficient. Other elements for heating and cooling service contracts are: Our natural gas plans are designed to provide you with the best value for money while providing uninterrupted quality service for all your heating needs. Gas Safe Register is the UK`s national gas safety oversight body. Only Gas Safe`s licensed engineers are authorized to legally repair or maintain boilers. With each plan, you benefit from our highly qualified and licensed technicians who bring their eye for professionalism, environmental awareness and prompt service to every call. Note: If you request a service before 8:00.m or after 17:00.m.m, public holidays or weekends, additional charges may apply. Heating protection plans can be service contracts that include an annual inspection or maintenance, or heating failure cover products to which you can add an annual inspection and service.

These are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the independent regulator that oversees financial products. Discounted service – With the basic natural gas plan, you get a 15% discount on the prices of service calls not covered by this plan. Our standard service contracts are designed to solve common heating and cooling maintenance and service issues at a low monthly cost. All our service contracts include priority service to put your appointment at the top of the line. Combi or combi boilers are a type of condensing boiler that instantly provides hot water and central heating. They`re energy efficient, inexpensive to use, and compact, and since you don`t have to store hot water in a tank, they save valuable space. The cheapest option is pure boiler cover – you pay more to cover your entire central heating system and for an annual maintenance and maintenance check of oil or gas boilers. Use Uswitch to compare boiler cover plans online. Many of our customers love the comfort and tranquility offered by our Master Plumbing Heating Cooling service contracts. Think of our contractor service contract as an insurance policy for the comfort of your family.

They eliminate the hassle of regular maintenance and unplanned repairs, and they offer great benefits! The Premiere Maintenance Service Contract covers most of the benefits of our standard plan with a few notable upgrades, including: Our plans are divided into service areas – click the link below to see what`s available in your area: Note: Commercial cast iron and condensing boilers are not eligible for extended warranty plans. Extended warranty plans can be purchased up to (9) months after installation, but coverage is effective from the date of installation, not from the date of purchase of the extended warranty plan. The difference between the two types of products lies largely in the way the product is described, in the complaint process and in the tax – service contracts are subject to VAT, while schemes regulated by the FCA are subject to insurance premium tax (IPT) at a standard rate of 10%. Check if your brand and age of the boiler can be covered. Some suppliers only cover boilers up to a certain age, usually 15 years. Ideally, choose a plan that covers the life of your boiler. Like you, we know that your home is your most precious asset. That`s why the right service plan makes all the difference when it comes to heating your home. Our wide range of service contract options gives you the protection you need and deserve. Boiler cover plans include repairing your boiler in case of failure and control. The plan may include an annual maintenance check and maintenance for oil or gas boilers: otherwise, you can add it as an additional fee. The plan must cover operations, parts and works.

Condensing boilers burn fuel to heat water in the same way as a conventional boiler, but are more efficient because they convert as much heat as possible normally wasted by smoke from a conventional (non-condensing) boiler. Our customers save hundreds of dollars on maintenance and repairs when they take advantage of these affordable protection plans. If you want to learn more about our worry-free service contract program, we`re here to help. You will need a valid credit card for monthly billing and we can do the paperwork in no time. What are you waiting for? Extended warranty plans for boilers are an extension of the manufacturer`s warranty. These plans are not a service contract and do not cover the cost of annual boiler maintenance or cleaning. Your installer may provide additional “service contracts” to cover these very important service features in addition to your extended warranty plan. Boiler Company recommends that you inspect and maintain your boiler annually and as needed to ensure your boiler is operating smoothly and safely, providing the comfort, efficiency and reliability you deserve. All cast iron gas and oil boilers in residential buildings are eligible for extended warranty plans as long as they are installed in a single-family or two-family home.

You can take out a 5- or 10-year protection plan. All standard equipment and work is covered. Additional coverage for other system components that are not from the U.S. Boiler Company that comes with your new boiler can also be purchased from CornerStone United to cover virtually your entire heating system! There are three main types of gas and oil boilers: conventional, condensing and combi boilers. .

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